I Didn't Want to be Me

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

"Ever since I was a little kid I didn't want to be me. I wanted to be like Billy Widdington, and Billy Widdington didn't even like me. I walked like he walked, I talked like he talked, I even signed up for the high school he signed up for – which was when Billy Widdington changed. He began to hang around Herby Vanderman. He walked like Herby Vanderman, he talked like Herby Vanderman. He mixed me up! I began to walk and talk like Billy Widdington walking and talking like Herby Vanderman. Then it dawned on me that Herby Vanderman walked and talked like Joey Haverlin, and Joey Haverlin walked and talked like Corky Savinson. So here I am walking and talking like Billy Widdington's imitation of Herby Vanderman's version of Joey Haverlin trying to walk and talk like Corky Savinson. And who do you think Corky Savinson is always walking and talking like? Of all people dopey Henry Willington, that little pest who walks and talks like me!"

– Julis Feiffer

As we reflect on who we were in 2018 and who we aspire to be in 2019, I would like to pose a question – who/what are you comparing yourself to? While goal setting, most aim to be better at some capacity than they personally were last year. However, if we're not paying attention when it's time for us to make choices throughout the year, we may find that we aren't comparing ourselves with the person we see in the mirror – we are too busy comparing ourselves to others, who are busy doing the same thing!

Whatever your goals are, however high they may be – make it a point to check your own temperature as much as possible. It is my belief that one of the big reasons our goals and/or resolutions get knocked off track is simply because we're not checking in with ourselves often enough to gauge our motivations. If we're not careful, we might find ourselves falling far short of our goals come December. When we only focus on comparing ourselves to others, we don't look at our light; we look at our darkness!

Here's to 2019 – on your terms.

Your friend,

Bobby Wright Columbus Real Producers January 2019


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