Interested in ordering reprints or duplicates for marketing purposes? 

You've Earned Bragging Rights

Once you've been featured in a Columbus Real Producers Magazine you instantly become a member of a very special club with perks!

One of those perks is that you can order a custom reprint of your article that will be printed as a high quality, glossy
4-page pamphlet. Perfect for handing out to your biggest ambassadors, to potential clients, current clients, vendors, etc. This will serve as an excellent, cost effective marketing tool, not only as as tangible copy but also as a digital link. 

Your Customized Reprint 

We're happy that we can offer a customized reprint of the cover + your story pages + a customized back cover with your company logo and contact information -- making it all & ONLY about you!


If you have questions please contact us via email.

Click on RP's Below to View Custom Reprint Examples:

Extra Copies of Magazine

In addition to custom reprints, you can order extra copies of the whole magazine, just as it was originally published, in quantities of 10 for $10 each. (price includes shipping). If you have questions please contact us via email.

Please note: This isn't the most cost efficient option, nor are they customized.

Custom Reprint Pricing 

We know that being able to share your story online thru social media, via a website, or email is a very important part of your collaborative marketing strategy so we offer a popular digital package which includes a PDF + 100 prints for only $250 - that's just $2.50 for each print plus the graphic design customization of your digital piece. 

You'll give out more of these than you think so if you are interested in additional hard copy prints (with a PDF included) here are larger quantity discounted prices:

2,000 = $2,500 [$1.25 ea]

1,000 = $1,500 [$1.50 ea]

500 = $850 [$1.70 ea]

250 = $500 [$2.00 ea]


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